Dear Colleagues,

National President, IMA, Dr. Santanu Sen launched IMA Health Manifesto and Health First Campaign in IMA HQs. New Delhi on March 17, 2019.

Immediate Past National President, IMA, Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar is the Chairman, IMA Manifesto Committee.

With the Parliamentary elections having been announced, this is the most opportune time for IMA to sensitize the entire country on issues concerning the Health of our people and the medical profession.

IMA HQs. envisages an active role for all the IMA members and branches during the Electioneering process of our country.

All IMA members and Presidents and Secretaries of all State and local branches of IMA are requested to actively undertake the responsibility of spreading awareness related to the above campaign.

The following requisite documents are accessible from the left side of this webpage.

  • The tasks assigned to state and local branches are enumerated in the implementation guidelines.
  • The state branches should release a press statement or conduct a press conference at the earliest.
  • The IMA Magna Carta document for Health (IMA Health Manifesto) to be used for sensitization
  • The IMA Magna Carta - Health Manifesto internal document (Health Manifesto explained)
  • All posters and sensitization material (Please translate them into vernacular language before sensitization)

The Presidents and Secretaries of all State and local branches are also requested to inform us:

  • The names of all IMA Local branches which fall under the jurisdiction of each Parliamentary Constituency in your State
  • Party-wise lists of candidates from these Parliamentary Constituencies alongwith with their complete communication details, essentially their mobile numbers, email addresses and mailing addresses

Urgent and dedicated immediate action from all the IMA leaders and members now will go a long way in shaping the future of the medical profession and the health of the nation.

Dr. Santanu Sen
National President, IMA
Dr. R.V. Asokan
Hony. Secretary General, IMA