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Minutes of the 42nd National TB Cell Meeting Held at IMA House, Delhi on 9th November 2014


  1. Dr.  Jitendrabhai Patel, National President
  2. Dr. K K Aggarwal, Sr.VP & HSG Elect, (Invitee)
  3. Dr. Gutta Suresh, IMA National Coordinator (TB)
  4. Dr. R V Asokan, NWG member
  5. Dr. Arun Kumar Thakur, NWG member
  6. Dr. Shubhamay Dutta Choudhury, NWG Member
  7. Dr. M. Bala Subramanian, NWG Member
  8. Dr. Bipinbhai Patel, NWG Member
  9. Dr. Sukhendu Roy, Project Director
  10. Ms. Sushmita Das Pattnaik, Project Manager


The meeting began with silent prayer followed by flag salutation.

Dr. Jitendra Bhai Patel chaired the meeting. Regrets were received from Hony Secretary General and NWG members Dr Oommen George, Dr. Rakesh Gupta and Dr. Shiv Sunder Utture on their inability to attend this meeting.

National President said this meeting will review our own work and plan further for proper implementation of the project, and its extension. As IMA is committed to support the country in the eradication of this dangerous disease, lot of work has to be completed as per the timeline. Many of the project states are working really well, where as a few states need motivation and regular communication for prominent contribution to the national programme.  Continuous fund flow from concerned authorities in GOI and GFATM will help the project to move faster and in right direction. Within IMA, there is a deficiency in the accounts department and it needs improvement.

 The minutes of the 41st National TB cell were confirmed. The minutes of the Finance and Technical Sub Committees which met on 19th Oct 2014 were taken on record and adopted.(annexure to the minutes of the 41st National TB cell meeting) The minutes of the meeting of IMPACT held on 6th November 2014 at Trivandrum were taken on record and adopted.(Annexure to the minutes of 41st National TB cell meeting)

National Coordinator Dr.Gutta Suresh started the discussion and National TB Cell decided:

  1. Financial Issues:
  • The meeting expressed its deep distress on the non submission of SOEs(for Quarters ending June & September 2014).  The meeting requested the HSG that the SOEs must be submitted latest by 15th November 2014 to the CTD with a request for release of funds for carrying out further activities. National Coordinator pointed out that the existing funds may not be sufficient till the end of March 2015, and the release of funds for the FY 2015-16 would be subject to approval of Global fund for extension of the project, and procedural delays after that. It is imperative to subject the SOEs immediately, lest it may jeopardise the project.
  • The National President summoned the Project Accounts Officer and directed her to prepare the SOEs immediately, and submit them to the HQ Coordinator through the Project manager within 5 working days, as the financial records of the project are with her. He also directed her to prepare the disbursement of funds/ adjustment of advances to all stake holders and also process all pending bills immediately.
  • The National President directed the Project Accounts Officer to respond to the official memo issued to her the by the HSG on 15th October 2014 latest by 10th November 2014 and that HSG will take firm action if there is a failure failing to comply with this memo; HSG will take strict disciplinary action.
  • Accounts Officer is not to hold back the documents with frivolous issues and violate the protocol. She is to report  to the project staff and office bearers and then to the HSG.  Project team is directed to take action on all the decisions taken in the NWG Sub finance committee without delay.
  • NWG has decided to appoint an internal Auditor. It noted that the practice of internal auditor for Global fund project is not being followed since 2013.
  1. Operational Issues:

a) Dr S Dutta Choudhury proposed that as an experimental measure the Tech.consultant of Bengal Unit 2, may be delegated with the responsibility of collecting notifications from the corporate hospitals in the city of Kolkata. He mentioned that it was discussed with office bearers of IMA Bengal TB Cell. The proposal is accepted as a pilot study, with immediate effect and till the 31st March 2015.

This alteration is limited only to collection of notifications from corporate hospitals of Kolkata, and till 31st March 2015.

  1. The meeting discussed in detail, about IMA owning the data of notifications. It decided to internally verify the data. Regarding this verification, the methodology /tools for verification will be directed/guided by Dr. Subhamay Dutta Choudhury. PD & PM will update him the status on regular basis.
  2. IMA TB News will be published on December 2014
  3. IEC 2014-15 is to be released in Central Council Meeting on 27th December 2014 at Ahmadabad.

PAN ASIAN COALIATION:The National  TB cell discussed the PAN Asian coalition of Professional medical Associations .It took note of the announcement of STOP TB ASIAN Coalition by WHO STOP TB partnership in Barcelona that Dr Narender Saini  had been appointed as its  Chairman, and congratulated him. The National TB cell recorded its opinion on the issue:

1.       The nomination appears to be in individual capacity. The role of IMA as an organisation has to be clarified.

2.       IMA should concentrate on bringing together the Asian Medical Professional Associations together for TB care and control. Dilution of this effort by involving other stakeholders will dilute IMA’s core competency.

3.       The permanent secretariat of the coalition should be in IMA Headquarters with IMA National  coordinator as the convenor by designation.

Meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Suresh, National Coordinator (TB).

(Dr. Suresh Gutta), National Coordinator( TB), IMA



AGENDA, 43rd National TB Cell meeting on 28thth Dec. 2014,                 AHMEDABAD

1) Flag invocation & Silent Prayer
2) Opening remarks of National President & HSG
3) Confirmation of minutes of 42nd NTB meeting

4) Submission of SOEs & Audit reports – reg

5) Financial issues – Fund flow

6) Appointment of Internal Auditor

7) Extension of the project

8) National Workshop

9) Review of Project Performance on indicators - unit wise & cumulative from 1st Feb

10) Dedicated Newsletter

11) IEC

12) Date of 44th meeting of NTB (? 8th Feb.2015)

13) Any other matter with the permission of the Chair

14) Vote of thanks