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IMA GAPIO Iniative

IMA GAPIO Iniative

Indian Medical association, the collective consciousness of over 2.5 lac doctors of modern medicine in  India signed an MOU with GAPIO to work on subjects of public importance. The MOU was signed by Dr Anupam Sibal from GAPIO and Padma Shri Awardee Dr K K Aggarwal Honorary Secretary General IMA.

Addressing the press, Padma Shri Awardee Dr A Marthanda Pillai National President and Dr K K Aggarwal said that " under the IMA GAPIO" initiative both the organisations will exchange faculty;  issue joint travel advisory on periodic basis; exchange researches, start bilateral orations; faculty and collaborate in developing a white paper on "what is not unethical". IMA will also provide a platform to NRIS who want to do community service in India.

GAPIO will also nominate nine international medical icons for IMA's Swashya Bharat Movement.

IMA GAPIO Initiative

1. IMA the largest medical NGO of the world to have an understanding with GAPIO the largest medical NGO of nonresident Indian doctors of the world.

2. IMA will start an annual IMA GAPIO oration to be given / announced on Doctors day on 1st July. Similarly GAPIO to announce on GAPIO-IMA oration to be given / announced in their annual meeting. The orations will be given to a person of eminence.

3. IMA will cover IMA GAPIO initiative in its e IMA news and similarly GAPIO will cover the same in its website and other e communications

4. Both IMA and GAPIO will have one voice on subjects of common interest and of welfare to the community. They may issue press statements from time to time

5. GAPIO will provide few scholarships to young IMA doctors

6. IMA will provide GAPIO members a platform for NRIs to visit India for community work or promoting continuing medical education programs

7.  GAPIO will provide assistance to IMA members visiting GAPIO countries and similarly IMA will provide assistance to GAPIUO members visiting India

8. Bothe IMA and GAPIO will have students exchange and faculty exchange programs