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IMA WHPA Initiative

IMA WHPA Initiative

The World Health Professions Alliance is representing more than 26 million health care professionals in more than 130 countries and gathers the International Council of Nurses (ICN), the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), the World Dental Federation (FDI) and the World Medical Association (WMA).


For many years, the Alliance has been extremely concerned by the infiltration and sale of spurious / counterfeit medical products of the legitimate supply chain, resulting in causing life threatening adverse effects in patients. The Alliance together with its local partners (the Indian Medical Association, the Indian Pharmaceutical Association and the Indian Council of Nurses) and with the support of Pfizer has developed a campaign with Educational Intervention by Healthcare professionals on Spurious Medicines.


In our second advisory board meeting in July 2014, IMA had proposed for a pilot with an objective “to improve the understanding and raising awareness amongst patients on spurious medicines.”

To achieve this objective, an awareness activity with about 100 doctors through video conferencing or go to meeting (FIP/WHPA has subscription of “go to meeting” for up to 100 participants, will be organised.

The content of the presentation will be jointly developed by IMA and WHPA, India team.

There will be a pre and post evaluation to assess the knowledge gained by the participants.

The data collected will be analysed and presented in a report, to be shared during the Third Advisory Board meeting in February, 2015.  

WHPA Key Contact: Pradeep Mishra, Project Manager, WHPA Campaign on Spurious Medicines in India, Contact no. +91 129 4082422, 23; Hand phone: +91 9818334605, pramish71@gmail.com