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IMA Unicef Initiative

IMA Unicef Initiative

Minutes of Meeting held at IMA Headqurters on 12 Jan 2015

Chaired by Dr. K.K. Aggarwal HSG

Attended by Mr. Joachim Theis and Ms. Dora Giusti (UNICEF), Dr. R.N. Tandon, Dr. Rajeev Seth, Hamsa and Mr. V.K. Verma

The meeting was held to discuss future plans for the IMA-UNICEF Project for Training of Trainers on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA Prevention and Response for Medical Professionals).

The following points were discussed and agreed upon:

1. In terms of the training, the ToT is being conducted by UNICEF Faculty and IMA. However, further training is to be done by those trained at these ToTs; this will be done through the IMA network. Those trained in the ToTs will be requested to take an exam at the end of the training period (tentatively April/May 2015), on passing which they will receive a certificate from IMA certifying them as IMA National Faculty. The exam will be based on the trainings and on the standard reading material (Power Points and Manual) provided to the participants of the ToTs. After this, they will be qualified to take further trainings on CSA in their own region or anywhere in the country, and to charge up to Rs. 3000 as fees for taking this training (optional).

2. UNICEF offered that they can explore a partnership with IMA in states in which they are present and that the respective state office can cooperate with state offices of IMA to ensure that the trainers in that state are given the technical and other support necessary to conduct further trainings.

3. In terms of networks, it was discussed that two Whatsapp groups and a Google Group would be created in order to ensure that those trained in the IMA-UNCEF trainings had a forum to remain in contact with and to thereby interact with each other. This forum would also be used for knowledge and information updates, whereby an email update on CSA will be sent every week through the Google Group.

4. Ms. Giusti informed that the Monitoring and Evaluation exercise would be conducted between April and June 2015 and that a consultant would be engaged for that. The questionnaires (pre and post-test filled) by all the participants at the ToTs would be analysed and included in the evaluation.

5. Dr. Aggarwal stated that he would be organising another ToT in Delhi irrespective of the programme budget and that participants would be selected on a national basis.  The training will be held for 8 hours at IMA Headquarters.

6. Dr. Aggarwal requested that a Questionnaire on CSA Awareness be prepared with the assistance of the expert group members, for the Media, doctors, and medical students.

7. He also stated that the Medical Council of India (MCI) must be involved in medical college workshops and that he would arrange for a circular to be passed for medical colleges to depute one person each to attend the workshops.

8. In addition to this, it was decided that a date would be mutually agreed on in the next two days between UNICEF and IMA for the Press Conference.