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IMA Online TB Notification initiative

Notify TB so that every contact can be traced and spread of infection in the society can be stopped. Not notifying TB is not only violation of State Municipal act (Section 371b of DMC, punishable as fine or inprisonment) but also of MCI Act (5.2 and 7.14, both amounts to professional misconduct) and Section 269 & 270 of the Indian Penal Code (both entails fine or imprisonment or both).

Link: IMA Online TB Notification initiative

Result:- IMA Inter Medical College Slogan contest on Tuberculosis

TB mukt bharat - slogan competition

1."Kick TB out of INDIA, be a part of healthy INDIA "‎
2. " Pull in DOTS, before TB pulls out your LUNGS "
3. " ‎Aao milkar  DOTS apnaye,  aur TB ko ghar se bhagaye." (hindi)
‎4. "DOTS bhai amari sathi re, jakhma nirakarana amari hatare. " (oriya)
5. "TB ‎kills, DOTS heals"
‎6. ‎"TB marega - bharat jiyega "
‎7. "Making a healthy INDIA is killing the filthy TB"
8. "TB ko dur bhagao, bharat ki saan badhao"
9. " TB is a Fraud, guard INDIA from the fraud "
Sameer kumar singh, 3rd year mbbs student, 
Hi-tech medical college and hospital, bhubaneswar, odisha.