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Even Numbers & Non-Bailable Offences in Law.

So mostly odd numbers in end of IPC section are safer in law & bailable than even numbers, which are non-bailable.

Some examples of non-bailable offences related to forensic medicine.

274 IPC(adulteration of drugs).

302 IPC(murder).

304 IPC(culpable homicide)- 304B dowry death.

306 IPC abetment of suicide.

308 IPC attempt to commit culpable homicide.

314 causing Death by act with intent of miscarriage.

316 causing Death of a quick unborn child.

324, dangerous weapon causing hurt.

326, dangerous weapon causing grievous hurt.

332 voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from duty. 

354 outrage modesty of woman (354B-intent to disrobe woman).

364 kidnapping for murder/ransom.

370 human trafficking. 

372 selling/hiring minor for prostitution.

376 Rape.

384 Extortion.

392 Robbery.

406 Criminal Breach of trust.

420 Cheating.

436 Mischief by fire/ Explosive.

466 Forgery of a record of -court/ Birth & Death register/ kept by public servant.

498A cruelty to married woman.

Exceptions of odd numbers in end of IPC which are non-bailable.

303 murder by person under sentence for life imprisonment.

305 abetment of suicide committed by child, insane or intoxicated. 

307- attempt to murder. 

313 -miscarriage without women’s consent. 

333-voluntarily causing grievous hurt to deter public servant from duty.

377unnatural offences. 

379 theft.

(Contributed by: vivekanshu)