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Minutes of 1st Governing Council of IMA AMS

Minutes of the meeting of 1st Governing Council of IMA AMS 
          on 24th March 2015 at Hyderabad, Telangana State


Dr. K. K. Aggrawal,

Hony. Secretary General IMA H.Qrs, New Delhi.

We have conducted 1st Governing Council Meeting of IMA AMS H.Qrs on 24th March 2015 at 12:00 noon in Dr. G. K. Kirloskar Hall, 1st Floor, IMA Building, Koti, Hyderabad. The following members are attended the meeting.

  1. Dr. N. Appa Rao, Chairman, National Leaders Forum
  2. Dr. G. Samaram, Past National President IMA H.Qrs
  3. Dr. Ajoy Kumar Singh, Chairman IMA AMS H.Qrs
  4. Dr. Pulla Rao Pasumathy, Hony. Secretary IMA AMS H.Qrs
  5. Dr. Shobha Rani, Joint Secretary IMA AMS H.Qrs
  6. Dr. Nusrath Farees Syed, Joint Secretary IMA AMS H.Qrs
  7. Dr. M. S. Hari Babu, Editor Annals IMA AMS H.Qrs
  8. Dr. V.S.RAO, Executive  Editor IMA AMS H.Qrs
  9. Dr. K. Shyam Sunder, President IMA Telangana State
  10. Dr. E. Prabhavathi, Imm. Past. Secretary IMA AMS H.Qrs

The above are on the dias and other thirty members are attended the meeting.

  • Welcome Address by Dr. P. Pulla Rao, Hony. Secretary, IMA AMS H.Qrs thanked Dr. N. Appa Rao, Chief Patron of IMA for extending his encouragement and cooperation.  He also expressed sincere thanks to Dr. G. Samaram, Past National President IMA H.Qrs, Dr. Ajoy Kumar Singh, Chairman IMA AMS H.Qrs, Joint Secretaries of IMA AMS H.Qrs Dr. Shobha Rani and Syed Nusrath Farees, Editor & Executive Editor of IMA AMS H.Qrs Dr. M. S. Hari Babu and Dr. V. S. Rao and all Governing Council Members for their valuable suggestion, timely encouragement which is an additional support for him for the activities of IMAAMS.
  • Dr. Ajoy Kumar Singh, Chairman IMAAMS H.Qrs, has given his opening remarks and previous minutes were accepted. He has identified the presence of Dr. Karveera Prabu K and Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad Naik, Chairman & Hony. Secretary IMA AMS Karnataka State Chapter.
  • Dr. K. K. Aggarwal, Hony. Secretary General IMA H. Qrs has given his online (Skype) message at 1:30 PM.
  • Activity Report of IMA AMS was read by Dr. P. Pulla Rao, the following discussions have been taken after thorough discussions in the Governing Council Meeting.
  • IMA AMS Membership to be increased, secretary should tour all the States in the Country to see that no State is left over by the end of 2015. IMA Professorships and Fellowships should be increased.
  • IMA AMS decided to start new courses during this year.One year courses like 1. Fellowship course in Diabetology 2. Fellowship course in Ultrasonalogy 3. Fellowship in infertility. All the members accepted this proposal. Dr. Appa Rao requested to donate Rs. 40,000,00/- to IMA Tirumala Srinivasa Trust. All members accepted this proposal, and requested Dr. P. Pulla Rao to generate funds from courses and fulfill the desire of Dr. N. Appa Rao. Dr. P. Pulla Rao accepted with the cooperation of the all the members he will do the best.
  • Discussion regarding 2nd Governing Council Meeting and AMSCON-2015 kept pending. Dr. Ajoy Kumar Singh informed that the he will decide and inform the dates to H.Qrs within four weeks.
  • Discussion on pending applications which were incomplete:- decision taken to inform to the State Presidents and Secretaries get the complete information. All States to be informed regarding to CMEs. Headquarters not receiving any share from any States who conduct the CMEs and Fellowship courses. Committee decided to issue certificates to all States from Headquarters only, otherwise the Certificates are not valid.
  • As per the IMA AMS H.Qrs rules State Branches conducting Certificate Courses should share 20% of the amount collected towards the Certificate course fee from the member will go to the IMA AMS H.Qrs. The rest 80% of the amount only will go to the respective State Branches who are conducting the Courses.
  • IMA AMS Local Branch with minimum of 20 members can start a new branch at local level. This information come to Hony. Secretary IMA AMS H.Qrs before starting the branch.
  • Travelling allowance for the secretary starting from January onwards allowed to by flight through and pro or 1st AC train fare / Air fare through and pro whichever is less to improve the membership etc.
  • Dr. Ajoy Kumar Singh, Chairman has informed the audience, that he is not going to claim any T.A. bills for entire one year of IMA AMS H.Qrs.
  • Other persons like Joint Secretaries travelling for IMA AMS meeting 1st AC train fare / Air fare through and pro whichever is less permission allowed.
  • Dr. Satish Chandra Chugh, Vice Chairman IMA AMS H.Qrs informed that, he is not able to attend the meeting because of personal grounds.
  • Meeting ended at 5:30 PM with national anthem.
  • Vote of thanks by Dr. Shobha Rani, Joint Secretary, IMA AMS Hqrs, thanked to Chairman of IMAAMS, Hony. Secretary of IMA AMS, Office Bearers and other members for attending this meeting under the leadership of Dr. P. Pulla Rao.

     Dr. Ajoy Kumar Singh                                                                            Dr. P. Pulla Rao
(Chairman, IMA AMS Hqrs)                                                                  (Hon Secretary, IMA AMS Hqrs)