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IMA NABH initiative

IMA NABH initiative

IMA – NABH initiative is the flagship programme and  legacy of IMA 2015 under the leadership of National President Dr A Marthanda Pillai and HSG Dr K K Aggarwal . IMA Hospital  Board of India is implementing the project.

Objectives :

  • To assist hospitals to achieve international standards in patient care and safety.
  • To increase the viability of small and medium hospitals by value addition.
  • To assist hospitals to countenance CEA .
  • To provide hospitals an affordable access to accreditation.

NABH Objective is to operate accreditation and allied programs in collaboration with stakeholders focusing on patient safety and quality of healthcare. Accreditation standards for HCO were developed in 2006. However only 249 hospitals have achieved accreditation across the country as large number of hospitals face challenges and difficulties in implementing all the standards.


Approximately 50,000 health care organizations are functioning in our country out of which significant number fall under the Small Health Care Organizations which is less than 50 beds according to NABH definition. Lack of knowledge, poor insurance coverage and other challenges are the road block for enhancing the quality of  care to obtain accreditation.

Entry Level Standards

To be more inclusive and encourage HCOs and  SHCOs to join the quality journey, NABH has developed Pre Accreditation Entry Level standards, in consultation with various stakeholders in the country, as a stepping-stone for enhancing the quality of patient care and safety.Certification standards is divided into 10 chapters, which have been further divided into 41 standards. Put together there are 149 objective elements incorporated within these standards which is almost one-fourth of the full accreditation standards. SHCO entry level requirements focus on the most critical elements important for patient safety. This makes accreditation affordable and will encourage the hospitals to adopt quality initiative and to attain the next stage (progressive level) and eventually full accreditation. These are easily achievable, sustainable, and are equally applicable to both government and private hospitals. These standards can be adopted as minimal empanelment criteria by the insurance industry.

Breakup of standards at all levels

Patient Centered Standards

  • Access, Assessment and Continuity of Care (AAC)
  • Care of Patients (COP)
  • Management of Medication (MOM)
  • Patient Rights and Education (PRE)
  • Hospital Infection Control (HIC)

Organisation Centered standards

  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
  • Responsibilities of Management (ROM)
  • Facility Management and Safety (FMS)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Information Management System (IMS)




No. of


No. of Objective


Pre Accreditation  Entry Level Standards for Small Health Care organisation (Less than 50 beds)        




Full Accreditation Standards   For Small Health Care Organisations  (Less than 50 beds)




Pre Accreditation  Entry Level Standards for Hospitals(More than 50 beds)




Full Accreditation Standards  For Hospitals 

(More than 50 beds)




IMA’s intervention is decisive. IMA’s execution is through IMA HBI.  IMA ‘s objective is to help the small and medium hospitals to survive and remain  viable. Value addition with entry level NABH will empower their  entitlement. IMA brings NABH entry level accreditation at much lesser cost than private players. Cost cutting will be effected through cluster formation and training in groups.

Fee -  NABH (Entry level accreditation)

  • Hospitals:

            Application Fee Rs 2000/-
            Certification fee Rs 25,000/-

  • Small Health Care Organisations(SHCOs):
    Application Fee Rs 1000/-
    Certification fee Rs 10,000/-


Fee - IMA HBI  (Entry level accreditation)

  • Hospitals : Rs 50,000
  • Small Health Care Organisations(SHCOs): Rs 30,000

Whom to contact

Dr Raviwankhedkar
National Secretary
IMA Hospital Board of India
Sitaram Hospital, Lane No.-6,Dhule-424001


E mail : raviwankhedkar@gmail.com, natsechbi@gmail.com

For local coordination and information

You can contact any one of us :-

Chairman , IMA HBI
Deen Hospital,Punalur-691 305, Kerala
E mail: rvasokan@gmail.com
Mob : 09847061563


Dr. Anil S.Pachnekar
Hqs Secretary, IMA HBI
Bunglow, "Arokul", 49-B, Kamgarnagar, Kurla(E)
Mumbai  -400024 Maharashtra
E mail :dranilpachnekar@rediffmail.com


Dr. Shivkumar S Utture,
Treasurer, IM AHBI
162, Prasad, Vir Savarkar Marg 2,
Shivaji Park, Mumbai – 400 028.
E mail: utture@yahoo.com
Mob: 9820089321


Dr Vinay Aggarwal
Board Member , IMA HBI
A-14, Pushpanjali, Vikas Marg Extn., Delhi-110092
E mail :

Board Member , IMA HBI
Dr.V.V.R Hospital,
6th Cross Street, Arulananda Street, Thanjavur – 613007
Mob: : 9843191190
Email: doctorvvr@yahoo.co.in., dr.vvrhospital@gmail.com

Dr Ram Dayal Dubey
Board Member, IMA HBI
4 park side Road
Calcutta-700025,West Bengal
E mail : rddubey@ gmail.com

Dr.C. Srinivasa  Raju
Board Member IMA HBI
Sri Sidhardh E.N.T Hospital
N R Pet,Eluru -6,Andra Pradesh.
mobile : 9490172569,
E mail : csrajuent10@gmail.com

Dr Vinod C Shah
Board Member, IMA HBI
8,Prabhu Ganga,Prakash Socy.Nr Adarsh Socy
Athwa Lines Surat-395001,Gujarat
E mail : bossvinod2000@yahoo.com

Dr. Vijay Aggarwal
Board Member, IMA HBI
D-210, Sector-47
Mob: 9818766000,
Email vijayagar@gmail.com

Dr Anand  Kate
Board Member ,IMA HBI
101, Shriganesh Apartments, Kharetown,
Mob :09822278590,
E mail :anand.kate@gmail.com

Dr. A. Marthanda Pillai                                                                                                Dr K K Aggarwal