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Doctor’s Day Celebrations : IMA MEGA BLOOD DONATION CAMP


The Honorary Secretary/President/ Blood Camp Organizer,

IMA  State / Local Branches.

Dear Dr.

Season’s Greetings from IMA Head Quarter Team.

DOCTORS DAY is celebrated on ( Date of Birth & death of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy ) 1st July. He was awarded Bharat Ratna on 4 February 1961.

On the Occasion of DOCTORS DAY, we are requesting all the branches to arrange Blood Donation Camp  on Sunday 28th June. We have tied up with National blood transfusion council ( NBTC ) & State Blood Transfusion Council (SBTC) of every state through NACO.

You can get associated with other local NGOs like Rotary Club, Lions club, Religious or Social Organization to arrange camps at Different Places like Colleges, Offices, Company, Hall , Railway/Bus Station or IMA premises.

Those arranging Blood Donation Camp ​would be appropriately ​felicitated during Annual Function of IMA.

Dr Nirnjan Vaidya will be the National Chairman of this Mega Blood Donation Camp. ( Mob:  +91-9320442122 )

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Dr A Marthanda Pillai                                                                                                                     Dr K K Aggarwal

How to organize Blood Donation Camp ?

Aim               :     To do good work in society and help the needy on behalf of Doctors Day 2015.

Purpose        :     Shortage of Blood in all Blood banks and lack of motivation in society about Blood donation.


  1. Contacts Blood Bank for fixing date (1st July,  Doctor Day – for convenience nearing Sunday i.e. 2​8-06-1​5 ) and venue. 
    Fixing of Blood Bank. Contact the Office /Chairm​an/Co-Convener of blood donation committee.
  2. Organising Group : With IMA working committee members, you should contact all general IMA members and also other groups like Rotary Club, Lions Club, Youth Club, Local Doctors Association, Railway Union, Medical Stores, Chemist Association, Non-political social organization, Religious, corporate groups  and other NGOs as a supportive group to bring donors, sponsors and volunteers to work during the camp.
  3. Fixing Venue : Fixing Common public place for Blood Donation Camps like Hall, Railway Station, Hospital, School/College etc. (Having  area of approx. 1500 sq. ft.)
  4. Eligible Donors : Age 18-60 years, weight – more than 45 kg, male or female.
  5. Motivation : a) By sending SMS. Doing personnel phone calls to the eligible donors,
                       b)   Print Banner (approx. 5 – 10 nos.) and Hand Bills (1000-5000 nos.) for promotion having footings of those who sponsor.
  6. Preparation in the Venue : During day of camp preparation in the Venue should be completed atleast in one hour in advance (approx. 8.00 am.) by keeping the following things ready. 
    • Clean flooring, (carpets, if required)
    • Arrange 6 to 10 cots. (inquire if Blood Bank brings the cot, otherwise arrange yourself)
    • 4-6 Tables (for registration, Hb estimation, Blood Collection etc.)
    • 30 - 40 chairs (variable for the Blood Bank people, donors, etc.)
    • 4-5 fans ( having nice air flow)
    • Ensure Electricity is there or might have to arrange generator.
    • Arrangement of Tea, coffee, biscuits for donors, organiser, volunteers
    • Break fast for the team of Blood bank (10-15) and volunteers, doctors (e.g. Poha, Vada-Pav, Sanmosa​,​ Idli Samber etc.)
    • For details, ​contact IMA HQs Office at hsg@ima-india.org or Dr. Niranjan Vaidya, National Chairman of this Mega Blood Donation Camp ( Mob:  +91-9320442122 ).​
  7. Promotion of Donor : Promotion of Donor by giving some incentive like Batch, Certificate, Trophy, motivational Gift like Tree plant, flower, book, etc.
  8. Food : Lunch for Blood bank team after completion of camp. However some snacks in between.
  9. After completion inform IMA about no. of Blood bags collected and to include in their report and to confirm about getting 1st, 2nd or 3rd award by the IMA ​P​resident.