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National Health Scheme updation

Report of Activities of IMA National Health Scheme Till 31st July 2015

   IMA National Health Scheme    


Proposal of IMA National Health Scheme was passed in the central council by a resolution dated 28th December 2012 at Kanyakumari. The Byelaw is approved by the 75th Central Council Meeting on 27th December 2014, at Ahmadabad, Gujarat

1 Title:-

The Scheme shall be known as “IMA National Health Scheme” (IMA NHS)

2 Registration :-    It shall function as an activity of National IMA and managed by IMA National Health Scheme as per rules & Byelaws of the Scheme

 1 Aims and Objectives of the Scheme

To provide financial assistance to the members and his/her spouse, child (ren) and parent(s) on the event of hospitalization, diagnosis and management of the following diseases:-

  1.  Heart Disease: - Angioplasty, By-pass Surgery and Valve replacement Surgery.
  2.  Renal  Failure, Haemodialysis,  Renal Transplantation,
  3. All Malignant diseases
  4.  Brain Tumours
  5. Hip and Knee replacement surgery.
  6.  Spine and disc surgery
  7.  Cerebrovascular accidents
  8.  Road Traffic and other accidents
  9. Other major illness requiring hospitalization approved by the scrutinizing  committee appointed by the IMA National President

2 Beneficiaries       

  1. Benefits of the scheme shall be available only to the member and his / her spouse, child (ren) and parent(s), if the member has paid the membership subscription of his and his/ her spouse child (ren) and Parent(s).
  2. In the event of death of a member, the spouse, child (ren) and parents can opt as a beneficiary member of the scheme.
  3. Such a beneficiary member shall not have any other right including the right to contest or to vote.

3 Eligibility for  Membership:-                                                     

  1. Life member of IMA.      
  2. (b). Member should be below the age of 80 years at the time of joining.

4 Admission Fee. (A F) ( One time pay )  
                         For members / Spouse / Parents

(a) Below age of 35 yrs Rs. 1000.00

(b) Below age of 45 Yrs but above 35 Yrs Rs. 1250.00

(c) Below age of 55 Yrs but above 45 Yrs Rs. 1750.00

(d) Below age of 60 Yrs but above 55Yrs Rs. 5000.00

(e) Below age of 65 Yrs but above 60 Yrs Rs. 7000.00

(f) Below age of 70 Yrs but above 65 Yrs Rs. 8000.00

(g) Below age of 80 Yrs but above 70Yrs`` Rs. 10,000.00

For child (ren) of members

Child (ren) below the age of 25 YrsRs. 1000 .00

5 Annual Membership Subscription (AMS)              ( To Pay Every Year)  

Every member/ beneficiary member Rs 500.00

Out of Rs 500/- annual membership fee Rs 300/- will go to National IMA account and Rs 200 to Scheme.

6 Annual Financial Assistance Contribution (AFAC) (To Pay every Year )                

Every Member / beneficiary member / Child (ren) shall pay the following amount.

  1. Children below 25 yrs                       Rs. 2500.00
  2. Below the age of 55 yrs                     Rs. 3000.00
  3. Above 55 and below 60 yrs              Rs. 5000.00
  4. Above 60 and below 65 yrs              Rs. 7000.00
  5. Above 65 and below 70 yrs              Rs. 8000.00
  6. Above 70 and below 80 yrs                        Rs. 10000.00

When a member / Spouse / Child(ren) / Parents first join the scheme they should pay the Admission fee, Annual membership subscription and Advance financial assistance contribution(AF + AMS + AFAC)  at the rate mentioned above.  Prescribed application form along with the admission fee, Annual membership subscription and Advance Financial Assistance Contribution drawn in favour of the scheme “IMA National Health Scheme” by A/C Payee draft payable at the secretary’s office has to be sending to the Hony. Secretary’s office.  No cash or money order will be accepted. Admission fee (AF) is onetime payment.

 Annual membership subscription and advance financial assistance contribution shall be paid every year (AMS +AFAC).

Founder Member: -

Members who join first time will get the status of founder member Irrespective of age group. There will be a concession of Rs 1500 to those who join above the age of 55 years since they are paying higher premium. This benefit will be only for six months only from March 1st to 30th September 2015. This benefit is to give opportunity for all below 80 years. After September this benefit will stop and have to pay as the prescribed tariff above.

           “LOCK IN PERIOD FOR THOSE WHO JOIN THE SCHEME BELOW 60 YEARS IS 1 YEAR AND ABOVE 60 YEARS WILL BE 2 YEARS.                                                                                 


Member/ spouse/ child (ren)/parents shall submit their application in the prescribed application form along with their admission fees, membership subscription and Advance Financial Assistance Contribution ((AF + AMS + AFAC)   drawn in favour of the scheme “IMA National Health Scheme” by A/C Payee draft or local cheque payable at the head office - secretary’s office place at Thiruvananthapuram with endorsement by local branch secretary or Branch president of IMA with copy of life membership certificate and passport size photo of member. No cash or money order will be accepted.  From 2nd Year onwards members need to pay only Annual Subscription and Advance Finance Assistance Contribution (AMS +AFAC).

After the launching of scheme, membership drive started from 1st January. So far 153 members joined especially young age group. All the office bearers were taken membership and membership has started flowing. As a Membership drive Secretary visited different branches – Dhule, Bombay and Nagpur. Many have expressed their eagerness to join and making use of their desire to join. National President and Hon. Secretary General are very much interested and promoting the scheme. I request all the states to promote this scheme and nominate their state coordinators. New website for N.H.S is launched in the end of July 2015 as- www.imnhs.com

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Ashok Adhao                                            Dr. Alex Franklin

Chairman                                                      Hon. Secretary

Chiramjivi Nursing Home                                “Thudakkottil”

Nr.Ayachit Mandir,                                         Dr. PNRA -34, Dr.Pai Road

Lakdi Pool,                                                    Poojappura

Nagpur,-440002,                                             Thiruvananthapuram -12

Maharashtra         .                                          Kerala.

Phone- 9822473651.                                       Phone 09447016953

ashokadhao@yahoo.co.in,                                dralexfranklin@gmail.com

N.B-  All communications may send to secretary.