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Constitution of a Committee to examine the issues raised by Indian Medical Association-reg


Government of India

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Department of Health & Family Welfare

(Coordination-1 Section)                                                                                Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi-110011

                                                                                                                            Dated:13th November,2015


Subject: Constitution of a Committee to examine the issues raised by Indian Medical Association-reg.

It has been decided to constitute a committee under the Chairmanship of Additional Secretary(Health) to examine the issues raised by Indian Medical Association and submit its report within six weeks from the date of issue of this order. The composition of this Committee is as under:-

  1. Joint Secretary (dealing with the subject), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare:
  2. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Law & Justice;
  3. Joint Secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs;
  4. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs;
  5. A representative from MCI;
  6. A maximum of three representative from IMA.

2. The Terms of Reference of the committee are as under:-

  1. Frequent instances of assault on doctors and clinical establishments across the country and the need for a central Legislation for providing protection to the same.
  2. Urgent amendments in the PC & PNDT Act to ensure that strict penalties are imposed only on actual act of sex determination or female feticide and not for clerical errors in the maintenance of registers etc. The IMA is also of the view that registration should be of ultrasound machine and not of doctors not doing pelvic ultrasound.
  3. Single doctors establishments should be exempted from the purview pf the Clinical Establishments Act and the need for pre-registration inspection may not be there for those clinical establishments which already have entry level NABH accreditation and above.
  4. Suitable amendments should be made in the Consumer Protection Act for capping the compensation amount as the current compensation practice, apart from being very high at times, was also tilted in favour of the persons with higher income.
  5. The non-MBBS and non-BDS doctors should not be allowed to prescribe medicines under modern system and the other stream practitioners like AYUSH doctors etc. should not be allowed to practice through bridge courses and through government orders.


3.The committee will examine the issues in depth and any other point which Indian Medical Association (IMA) may have impinging on the above issues and to suggest a time bound plan for implementation of the feasible points.

4. This has the approval of the Secretary(HFW)

(Rajeev Kumar)
Director (Coordination)


  1. Secretary, Ministry of Law & Justice,
  2. Secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs,
  3. Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs,
  4. Secretary, Medical Council of India,
  5. National President, Indian Medical Association

Copy to:

  1. Secretary(HFW), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
  2. PS to Hon’ble HFM