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HBI 11th meeting of board of directors

                                       IMA Hospital Board of India

                                                                                   11th Board meeting

Dear Dr

The 11th Board meeting of IMA HBI is hereby convened at 11 am at IMA HQs,New Delhi on Sunday 06.03.16 The meeting is expected to conclude by 4 pm. Detailed agenda has been sent along with.


Thanking you

Yours sincerely


Dr Ravi Wankhedkar

National Secretary IMA HBI

 Copy to

Dr  S S Agarwal, National President, IMA

Dr K K Aggarwal, Hony. Secretary General, IMA

                                                              11th   meeting of board of directors

Venue: IMA Hqs, New Delhi                                                                                      Day  : Sunday

                Date : 06.03.2016                                                                                               Time :  11 AM-4 .00 PM



  1. Physician’s prayer                           : Dr V Varadharajan, Director IMA HBI   
  2. Flag Salutation                                  : Dr Vijay Agarwal, Director IMA HBI                      
  3. Welcome address                            :  K K Aggarwal , Hony. Secretary General, IMA
  4. National President’s address      :  Dr Dr S S Agarwal, National President, IMA
  5. Address by                                         : Dr A Marthanda Pillai, IPP IMA
  6. Chairman’s opening remarks      :  Dr R V Asokan , Chairman IMA HBI
  7. Address by                                         : Dr K K Kalra, CEO NABH
  8. Minutes and activity report         :  Dr Raviwankhedkar, Secretary IMA HBI
  9. Statement of Accounts                   : Dr Shiv Kumar  Utture, Treasurer IMA HBI /Dr Tandon, Finance Secretary IMA
  10. Special Address                                : Dr Vinay Aggarwal, Past National President
  11. IMA Discussions        
  1. IMA NABH Initiative


Kerala                                   : Dr M E Sugathan

Tamilnadu                          : Dr C N Raja

Maharashtra                      : Dr Mangesh Pate

Uttarkhand                        :Dr D D Choudary

Karnataka                           : Dr B Sridhar

  1. Relationship with CII                      : Dr Joseph Benaven
  2. Issues in insurance sector            : Dr A K Ravikumar
  3. Baseline survey of hospitals        :  Dr Dinesh B Thakare
  4. Issues in CGHS                                   :  Dr C M Bhagat
  5. E connect                                             :Dr K M Abul Hasan
  6. IMA HBI state chapters
  7. Website
  1. Resolutions  and or amendments if any
  2. Any other matters with the permission of the chair
  3. Vote of Thanks                                  :  Dr Anil Pachnekar, HQ Secretary IMA HBI                        

Lunch at 2.00 PM                                                                                                                     -sd-

Dr Raviwankhedkar

Secretary IMA HBI