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Minutes of the Meeting with Sub-Recipient IMA under

The Global Fund TB Grant

Minutes of the Meeting with Sub-Recipient IMA under  
The Global Fund TB Grant

Date : 28th January 2016

Venue: Chamber of DGHS, GoI , IV Floor, Nirman Bhawan

A meeting to review the implementation of GF grant by the Sub- Recipient IMA (Indian Medical Association) was held under the Chairmanship of Dr Jagdish Prasad, Director General of Health Services, GoI on 28th January 2016 .

The list of participants is annexed at Annexure 1.

Minutes of the meeting:

The representatives of IMA apprised the DGHS about their proposed work plan under NFM. After detailed deliberations, the following decisions were taken:

  1. DGHS suggested that since IMA has had a long association with the program there are certain expectations from the organization to show their impact on the support given to the program for engaging the private sector since now, the program is moving towards daily regimen.
  2. DGHS suggested that IMA would have to conduct activities under the NFM for initial 2 quarters of 2016 (till 30thJune 2016) by implementing the project in 5 States viz, Maharashtra, Kerala, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar and see the impact on registration and notification. He further stated that the notification should ideally be doubled and IMA has to play a major role in supporting the role our of daily regimen in these 5 states.  It was also desired that in each of the five states, meetings with Private practitioner for sensitization is organized and representative from CTD and the state RNTCP representative should also attend.
  3. It was decided that MoU may have a clause of conducting focused activities in five states and further extension of program may be subject to successful implementation of the project in five states in first six months.
  4. IMA has been asked to submit a revised proposal for 5 states with their budget requirements as soon as possible to CTD for further necessary action.


List of partiucipants:

  1. Dr Jagdish Prasad, DGHS, GoI
  2. Dr Sunil D Khaparde, DDG-TB, CTD, MoHFW, New Delhi
  3. Dr Devesh Gupta, ADDG-TB, CTD, MoHFW, New Delhi
  4. Dr Bharati Kalottee, Grant Manager-TGF grant, CTD
  5. Mr Ravinder Kumar Sachdev, Finance Manager-TGF Grant, CTD
  6. Dr K K Agarwal, Honorary Secretary IMA, New Delhi
  7. Dr Sukhendu Roy, IMA
  8. Dr S K Utture, IMA
  9. Dr R V Ashokan, IMA