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The IEC will be constituted and its members appointed by the National President, IMA. The composition of the IEC would be multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial so that it safeguards the interests and welfare of all the sections of the community / Association. Members appointed should be familiar with the regional, social and cultural norms. 

3.1    The Composition of IEC: The committee will comprise of not less than 10 members. The members would include: –

a.    Chairperson
b.    Vice Chairperson (National President)
c.    Member-Secretary (Hony. Secretary General)
d.    1-2 Basic Medical Scientists
e.    1-2 Clinicians from Various Institutes
f.    Legal Expert or Retired Judge
g.    One Social Scientist /Representative of Non-Governmental Voluntary Agency/ Social Worker
h.    One common person from the community
i.    Clinical Experts

The committee shall have both genders representation

3.2 The Chairperson of the IEC shall be from outside the Association office bearers.

3.3 Vice Chairperson of the IEC shall be National President of IMA. 

3.4 The Member Secretary shall be the Honorary Secretary General of IMA. He / She shall conduct the business of the Committee. 

3.5. Basic Medical Scientist(s) and Clinicians will be from amongst the institutions affiliated / Outsider from IMA.