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IMA code of Conduct

Preamble: As member of Indian medical Association and as qualified physician, the conduct of a registered Medical Graduate is governed by the Ethics and the regulations pronounced by Indian medical Council Act 1956.

As very important part of society and nation building:

1.      I have read & agreed to abide by regulations under Indian Medical Council act, especially Professional, Etiquette & Ethics) Regulations 2002 and its subsequent amendments.

2.      I solemnly pledge myself to consecrate my life to the service of humanity & maintain utmost respect for human life from the time of its conception.

3.      I shall practice my profession with utmost conscience & dignity.

4.      I shall extend my teachers & fellow colleagues respect and gratitude legitimately due to them.

5.      I shall respect the privacy & secrets of my patients that are confided in me for professional reasons.

6.      I shall honour the autonomy of my patients to make decisions.

7.      I shall uphold both beneficence & non-malfeasance in treating my patients.

8.      I shall respect human dignity, esteem, prestige, rights & fundamental freedom of all my patients

9.      I shall take both informed consent & inform refusal from my patient towards any medical or surgical treatment.

10.  I shall hold diligent regards to cultural diversity and pluralism.

11.  I shall protect individual & groups of special vulnerability & respect the personal integrity of such individual and groups as the case may be.

12.  I am committed to ensure that the selective sex selection is stopped at all levels and by all means.

13.  I shall faithfully comply with all the Regulatory and Statutory stipulations.

14.  I shall not accept any gifts, pecuniary benefits or gratification from the pharmaceutical companies, equipment suppliers and diagnostic centers or similar agencies.

15.  I shall not indulge in any activities that are immoral, unethical or illegal in the eyes of the applicable governing laws and also the prudence.