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Minutes of the meeting of IMACGP held on 26th December, 2015

Minutes of the meeting of IMA College of General Practitioners
held on 26th December, 2015, at IMA House, New Delhi

A meeting of IMA Academy of Medical Specialities was held on 26th December, 2015, at IMA House, Indrapratha Marg, New Delhi.

Dr. Ajoy Kumar Singh, Chairman, IMA AMS, informed the House about the activities taken up and done by the IMA AMS starting from the latest activity i.e. AMSCON 2015 held at Dhanbad with the attendance of more than 450 delegates which representing 18 States of the country in which 48 fellows received their fellowship certificate and 149 new fellows.

Chairman of IMA AMS also informed that Governing Council meeting were held in March, 2015 in Hyderabad, 7th June, 2015 in Bhubaneshwar, and 19th December, 2015 in Dhanbad in which all Governing Council members were informed about the activities already done and activities to be taken in coming year.

The Chairman, IMA AMS requested Dr A Marthanda Pillai, National President and Honorary Secretary General, IMA to allow Zonal Conferences of IMAAMS so that the members of the different parts of the country atleast join the Zonal Conference, if not the Annual National Conference. But, it was made clear that the Convocation will be held and Award /facilitation ceremony will be held only during Annual Conference of IMAAMS.

Fellowship and membership charges should be uniform all over the country. It has to be ensured.  Dr. Pulla Rao, Hony. Secretary, IMA AMS gave the details of courses being conducted and services done during this year.


Dr. Ajoy Kumar Singh                                     Dr. Pulla Rao                                       Dr. Kiranshankar W Deoras

Chairman, IMA AMS (2014-15)                   Hony.Secretary, IMAAMS            Chairman, IMAAMS (2015-16)



Minutes of the Meeting of IMA AKNSI held on 26th  December, 2015, at IMA House, New Delhi


A meeting of IMA AKN Sinha Institute was held on 26th December, 2015 at IMA House, Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi


Dr. Arbind Kumar Sinha, Hony. Executive Secretary, IMA AKNSI, requested that there should be a separate building for the institute at Patna.

It was decided that the IMA (HQs.) will extend all the support for the project after the land and seed money for the project is arranged and the project started with due permissions from the local bodies.  The land will have to be procured in the name of IMA AKN Sinha Institute a wing of IMA Headquarters.  Dr A Marthanda Pillai, National President and Dr K K Aggarwal, Honorary Secretary General, IMA and all the members present in the meeting expressed their pleasure after knowing that IMA AKNSI has generated good financial resources by conducted training and course programme.



Dr. Dilip Kumar Acharya                 Dr. Arbind Kumar Sinha                                 Dr. Shivkumar Utture

Director, IMA AKNSI (2014-15)   Hony. Executive Secretary, IMA AKNSI  Director, IMA AKNSI (2015-16)


Minutes of the meeting of IMA College of General Practitioners

held on 26th December, 2015, at IMA House, New Delhi


A meeting of IMA College of General Practitioners was held on 26th December, 2015, at IMA House, Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi.

Dr E Prabhavathi, Dean, IMACGP addressed the gathering and narrated the functioning and programmes throughout the year.

She told the House that new team was installed on the 18th of January 2015 at a function organized at Hotel Savera, Chennai under the Leadership of Dr. E Prabhavathi, Dean in the august presence of Dr. S Arulrhaj and Dr. N Appa Rao. The entire CGP Team – Dr. Vinod Kumar Monga, Dean Elect, Dr. Akhilesh Verma, Vice Dean, Dr. A. Raja Rajeshwar, Hony. Secretary, IMA CGP, Hony. Joint Secretaries Dr. A K Ravikumar, Dr. Amutha Karunanidhi, Dr. B B Wadhwa, Dr. Vinay Ranjan, Dr. Meena, Dr. V C Shanmugananthan,  Dr. Jeyesh Lele and Dr. N G Biswas assumed office during the Installation Function.

Total Membership till 31st December, 2014 was 19931. From January 2015 till date, 392 New Life Members have been enrolled. Total Number of membership as on date: 20323

FCGP 54 and Honorary FCGP 68 and 35 FCGP have newly enrolled, examination will be in January 2016 and 7 Honorary Professors at GPCON, Hyderabad, 6 IPCC candidates enrolled this year. 14 PGDEM candidates and 15 MRCGP enrolled for this year.

During this year Regional Conferences held in Dhule and Shirdi . International Conference (ICON) at Delhi, GPCON at Hyderabad, WONCA was attended in the month of February at Dhaka. Conducted Japan tour in the month of August. Dean and 70 doctors participated in the tour. Fellowship Certificate Courses was started during this year and about 50 candidates are undergoing the course. Online courses were promoted and 8 courses conducted online. Two Governing Council meeting organized one in January and 2nd in October.


Dr E Prabhavathi                               Dr. A. Raja Rajeshwar                                     Dr. V.K.Monga

Dean, IMACGP (2014-15)              Honorary Secreary, IMACGP                       Dean, IMACGP (2015-16)