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With NABH accreditation, you will able to:-

  1. Propagate that your establishment offer facilities that are of better quality.
  2. Propagate that your premises provide high standards of care with high level of patient safety.
  3. Get empanelment with CGHS, ECHS, PSUs, and State Government.
  4. Provide better quality of services and that in turn, will generate more business.
  5. Generate faith in Public regarding transparency in billing with no hidden costs.
  6. Strengthen the faith that the hospital follows a policy a rational use of drugs including antibiotics, investigations and treatment.
  7. Strengthen the public faith that their rights will be respected and protected.
  8. You will be better prepared to face Clinical Establishment Act.
  9. You may get exemption from Inspection under CEA.
  10. Apply for empanelment with UN institutions.
  11. Apply for government projects and grants.
  12. Apply for international grants.
  13. Collaborate with other recognized health care establishments.
  14. Generate faith in Public that your hospital does not sell fake/spurious drugs.
  15. Generate faith in Public regarding the accuracy of laboratory tests.
  16. Provide an infection fee, clean, hygienic, environment (with minimal hospital acquired infections) to the patients.
  17. Get your establishment recognised for DNB, Internship & fellowship programs.
  18. Strengthen the faith that the hospital complies with standard procedures of care with minimum errors.
  19. Inculcate faith in hospital doctors that their rights are also being respected.
  20. Generate confidence in Public that the hospital will provide safe and secure environment for them.
  21. As far as possible, Recruit qualified staff, residents and nurses.
  22. Reduce liability insurance costs due to accreditation.
  23. Develop faith in Public that the technicians in the establishment are well-trained and qualified. 
  24. Assure the Public that the hospital maintains and strictly follows its infection control policy.

Hence, they will be less apprehensive of acquiring infections like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and TB when they come to your hospital.

  1. Assure the Public that any news story from the establishment, on TV or print, will be scientific.
  2. Generate confidence among the Public that their right to confidentiality will be respected and their medical records would be preserved.
  3. Gain a marketing advantage in terms of costs of treatment or services provided compared to those who are not accredited as Accreditation means better quality of services.
  4. Enhance the skills and knowledge of your staff further as accreditation will lead to a process of continuous learning and improvement.
  5. Empanel your establishment with insurance agencies and other third parties as Accreditation facilitates such processes.
  6.  Substantially reduce the chances of people filing cases related to medical negligence against your establishment as NABH accreditation means that the medical establishment adheres to standard treatment guidelines.  As a result, you will have a stronger defence against malpractice litigations.