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DFTCI, Minutes of Meeting March 23, 2016

  • All partners unanimously agreed that collective advocacy from various medical associations/doctors is essential to support and strengthen civil society efforts, particularly around implementation of 85% pictorial health warnings (PHWs).
  • Being the largest association of doctors in the country and the also the largest NGO globally, the participants felt that IMA should take the lead in coordinating DFTCI’s advocacy action on key tobacco control policy issues, particularly 85% PHWs.
  • Explore possibility for IMA to become a party in the ongoing Rajasthan High Court case.
  • Engage medical and non-medical Padma Awardee groups to join the campaign for 85% PHWs.
  • Mobilise support from medical Parliamentarians through the Parliamentary Chairman of IMA.
  • In addition to the associations/doctors engaged till now, those from different medical specialisations need to be brought onboard to expand the outreach of DFTCI. Some suggested fields were: ENT, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Oncology, Gynaecologists and Obstetricians.
  • MoHFW should be presented with an annotated bibliography to be developed by DFTCI, including published studies commissioned by ICMR, research bodies and independent researchers, so that they have a credible source of research evidence to present to CoSL/courts, as needed.
  • Develop and disseminate infographics and factsheets for MPs.
  • Seek appointment for a DFTCI delegation to meet the Hon’ble Prime Minister and Hon’ble Health Minister.
  • Doctors’ Day (July 1) to be leveraged as an advocacy opportunity by DFTCI to amplify advocacy campaigns around 85% PHWs (as per developments post-April 1).
  • Social media optimisation/e-petitions to be endorsed by doctors/e-campaigns to be planned and organised.
  • Messaging for current campaign: Why 85%? Reason: preference for large pictograms (political party posters; full-spread ads in newspapers; large TV and mobile phone screens etc.)
  • Messaging for future campaigns: In subsequent rounds of rotation, PHWs should depict the diverse health impact of tobacco use (cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, health effects on children and pregnant women etc.).
  • Other stakeholders like ASSOCHAM, SCOPE, Rotary International, spiritual organisations etc., to be involved in the campaign for 85% PHWs (CSI to facilitate).
  • In case 85% PHWs are implemented from April 1, DFTCI can send a congratulatory note to MoHFW and offer support for effective implementation.
  • Percolation of campaign to sub-national level: associations to mobilise state chapters to lend their voice to the demand for 85% PHWs.
  • Nurses and pharmacists should also be included in the campaign along with doctors.
  • Celebrity engagement for generating mass appeal for 85% PHWs (sportspersons, film actors).


Update on follow-up action till March 31, 2016

  • Impromptu meeting held with the Hon’ble Health Minister at Bhubaneswar, facilitated by HRIDAY and PHFI’s Indian Institute of Public Health, Bhubaneswar. NGO and youth delegation presented petitions to the Hon’ble Minister requesting for implementation of 85% PHWs from April 1.
  • On behalf of DFTCI, IMA has sent letters to the Hon’ble President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Health Minister and Finance Minister.
  • IMA has released a white paper and resolution on 85% PHWs.
  • Regular daily SMSs are being sent to the nearly 260000 IMA members, since March 28. This is initially planned till April 7 (World Health Day).
  • Press release sent out by IMA on March 29: widespread earned media coverage generated in support of 85% PHWs and DFTCI (appended with minutes).
  • Webcast on tobacco control and PHWs conducted by IMA with participation from PHFI on March 31.
  • Mobile tabeleau on World Health Day being coordinated by IMA/DFTCI/HRIDAY.
  • Factsheet for doctors and general public disseminated.