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IMA HBI Updates, 11th April 2016

On Monday, 11th April 2016, IMA HBI Chairman, Dr R V Asokan & IMA HBI Insurance Cell Coordinator, Dr A K Ravi Kumar met the Chairman IRDA to discuss various problems faced by patients and healthcare providers with Insurance companies & TPAs.

The meeting was very fruitful and they have agreed to take part in the proposed national level insurance summit involving all stake holders.

IRDA has also agreed to include IMA HBI in their health insurance forum.

Following points were discussed


1.       IMA HBI is the representing body of majority of medium and smaller Hospitals across the country

2.        Health insurance awareness is increasing and penetrating to Rural areas and Towns

3.        More than 70% of Health care is being given by Small and medium hospitals

4.        Majority of policy holders are urban centred.

5.        Awareness about health insurance , various policies , benefits etc is lacking with both policyholders and service provider

6.        Major part of insured amount out flow is to corporate hospitals who charge many times higher than a smaller hospital.

7.        Criteria for empanelment of smaller health care units to be relaxed and all willing hospitals to be empanelled and  package rates as basic criteria to be redefined

8.        By empanelling more smaller and medium hospitals will help not only the patients to get immediate care during the golden hour it also helps the smaller health care units to upgrade themselves and quality health care can be established in all corners of the country

9.        Patients liberty to choose the Dr and Hospital gets curtailed in present scenario

10.    IMA HBI representation in Advisory Body / committees of IRDA /Insurance companies/TPAS

11.    Jointly can work out strategies to shift Health insurance towards smaller towns and rural areas.

12.    IRDA with IMA HBI can formulate guidelines for grading of Hospitals

13.    Jointly can formulate Package rates

14.    Jointly can have an Insurance cell / web group to clear doubts related to health insurance.

15.    Like to have a National summit involving all stakeholders with the guidance of IRDA to know and discuss on various issues faced amongst each other to find out solution

All are kindly requested to give their opinions, points, issues which can be included and discussed in the insurance summit​

Dr Ravi Wankhedkar