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IMA Certified Solo Clinic (draft, suggestions invited)

 IMA Certified Solo Clinic (draft, suggestions invited)

• Clinic, at residence or in non-residence, means a medical facility run by a single or groups of doctors providing only outpatient services without any facility for procedures or observation bed.

• All the doctors working in that clinic should be life members of IMA.

• The clinic sign board will have the name of the doctor, registration number, IMA logo, Modern Medicine Emblem, timings and type of practice


• The clinic area should be of a size of 80 sq feet or above, well ventilated, lighted and with a washable floor. It should have easy availability for wash room for the patients.

• The Clinic should have provisions for safe drinking water and for waiting area for patients to sit. The clinic shall have provision for handling 3rd gender.

• The clinic should have appropriate place for keeping files and medical records (receipts, registration) or shall have a computerized system for medical records. Copies of all records and statistics should be kept for 3 years. 

• The clinic should have a provision for notification of all notifiable diseases.

• The clinic must enlist services available along with its charges

• The State Medical Registration Certificate, patient’s right and their responsibilities as defined by IMA and the IMA Oath declaration should be on display. A copy of the Medical Council (Professional Conduct etiquette ethics) regulations shall be available in the clinic and doctors shall follow these guidelines in its letter and spirit.

• Drugs prescribed by a physician or bought from the market for a patient should explicitly state proprietary formula as well as generic name of the drug. Doctor shall dispense or prescribe only quality safe and cheaper drugs.

• The clinic must have an IMA specified First Aid Box. The following emergency drugs should always be available: Injection Adrenalin; Inj. Hydrocortisone; Inj.  Atropine; Inj Avil; Inj. Phenergan; Inj. Deriphylline;  Inj. Frusemide;  Inj. Metoclopramide;  Inj. Dexamethasone; Inj. Diazepam; Inj. Dicyclomine Hydrochloride; Inj. 5% dextrose infusion and Inj. Normal saline. And the following medicines shall be available in the clinic: water soluble Aspirin for acute heart attack; Clopidogrel 300 mg for acute heart attack (optional); Paracetamol 500 mg for pain or fever, ORS for acute diarrhoea, Glucose for acute hypoglycaemia and Sorbitrate sublingual for acute cardiac chest pain. 

• The clinic must have the following equipment:  Stethoscope, disposable non mercury thermometer, non-mercury BP instrument, weighing machine, measuring tape, working torch light, oxygen cylinder, nebuliser with or without compressor, suction machine ( automatic or local preferable), peak expiratory flow meter, glucometer, ambu bag, wheel chair (preferable), comfortable couch, defibrillator ( optional) and SPO2 monitor.  All the equipment must be under Annual Maintenance Contract and calibrated on as required basis.

•  All the doctors must have their indemnity insurance.

• Proper hygiene (hand wash, respiratory, cough etiquettes, food and water hygiene) must be maintained in the clinic. The Clinic must adhere to Bio Medical Waste and infection control Guidelines. All clinics must be mosquito breeding free. Every Friday 4-5 PM they will get checked for presence of any breeding. 

• For any complaint against the clinic or against the patient the IMA State/ Branch IMA Grievance Cell can be contacted.

• The clinic may appoint a qualified Councillor, Nurse and Lab. Attendant. All the staff working in clinic must be trained in CPR 10 and first aid.

• The clinic shall not refuse any first aid treatment in an emergency as per available services even if the patient cannot afford. The clinic shall refer and guide non emergent poor patient who cannot afford treatment.

• The clinic should provisions for separate weekly free or chargeable public education classes  [optional]

• The doctor shall attend minimum 5 CMEs credit classes organised by Local/ State /National IMA. 

• The doctor shall not charge consultation fee from a fellow doctor or his/her spouse or children.

• A doctor shall not issue any medical certificate more than 15 days at a time and shall not issue any medical certificate in absentia.

• While examining any lady patient, the doctor must have a female attendant.

• The doctor must report all adverse events related to drugs, devices, blood, vaccines or herbs to IMA PVPI number 9717776514; suspected sexual violence against children to 1098 and missed call to missed call on 01122901701 for any tobacco cessation.

• The doctor will practice ethically and follow all the principles of bioethics. The doctor shall not indulge in sex selective abortions and will inform IMA if anyone is indulging in it. They should have special provisions for girl child (0-18 years).

• All clinics will provide free consultations on 1st July IMA doctor’s day and participate in IMA calls as and when given. All clinics shall participate in IMA health days and display IMA certified posters.  All clinics shall promote breast feeding 

•  All doctors shall follow all medicolegal formalities in required cases

• All doctors may consider opening an online clinic for follow-ups and emergency care.