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World Haemophilia day

1. Hemophilia is a condition in which bleeding is prolonged. 

2. It is present from birth and is normally inherited

3. 1 in every 5,000 -10,000 people are born with it.

4. Hemophiliacs have lower levels of clotting factor in the the blood and bleeding continues for much longer periods.

5. Hemophilia A is the more common type and is linked to low levels of clotting factor VIII (8). Hemophilia B is more rare and is associated with low levels of clotting factor IX (9). 

6. Other symptoms include spontaneous bleeding, bleeding into the muscles or joints, bleeding for a prolonged period after having surgery, having a cut or dental work, and big bruises. In very mild cases, bleeding may be for a shorter duration and only arise after injury 

7. “In India only16,500 PwH are identified when in reality this figure should be closer to 1.2 lac considering the population of India. When it comes to treatment and clotting factors.The yearly consumption per capita is only .005 IUs for factor nine and .023 IUS for Factor 8.This is too far below the level of 1 IU per capita which is considered worldwide as minimum level for survival.

Read this directions from Delhi high Court. Write to all states chief ministers to implement it.

Delhi High court, Justice Man Mohan, W.P.(C) 1507/2014 & CM APPL. 3144/2014, AMIT AHUJA vs UNION OF INDIA & ORS. Date of Decision: 1st April, 2014

1. Facility to provide AHF for haemophilia patients shall be provided in three hospitals of this Government namely, Lok Nayak, DDU and GTB hospital. 

2. Dr. Naresh Gupta, Professor of Medicine & Head, Clinical Haematology, MAMC will be the Coordinator/Nodal Officer who would work out the necessary logistics and monitor the services being provided to haemophilia patients. 

3. Medical Superintendents of Lok Nayak, DDU Hospitals will also designate a nodal officer for this purpose.

4. Treatment in these three hospitals would be given along the following lines:-

i. All BPL families will be supplied AHF free of cost.

ii. Free treatment will be given to all Haemophilia patients who came to designated hospitals i.e. LNH, GTB and DDU in an emergency.

iii. In respect of APL patients with minimum three years domicile in Delhi, the following graded payment system will be adopted.

a. Family income up to Rs. 2 lac per annum-20% of cost of AHF (concerned MS would be competent to relax 20% charge in exceptional cases for reasons to be recorded in writing).

b. Family income between Rs.2-5 lac per annum-50% of cost of AHF.

c. Family income above Rs.5 lac per annum-full cost of AHF.