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IMA SATYAGRAHA UPDATE - Meeting with J.P Nadda

IMA SATYAGRAHA UPDATE - Meeting with J.P Nadda

The Jantar mantar satyagraha was a huge success. It was attended by over 2500 doctors and medical students. After dharna a delegation of Dr SS Agarwal, Dr KK Aggarwal, Dr A M Pillai, Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, Dr V K Monga and Dr R V Asokan met the Health Minister J.P Nadda in Parliament.

We have gathered information from all over the country and over 500 successful dharnas have been organised involving over one lac doctors This agitation made the health minster call us for the meeting.

Let us keep the momentum. We will take a further call in central council till then we will continue our dialogue with the health ministry.

1. We need to continue to sensitize our member's on all six issues

2. continue meeting MPs and MLAs

3. Continue mobilizing medical students