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IMA International Wing

IMA International Wing

1.     Indian medical association is largest medical association of doctors practicing modern medicine

2.     IMA International Wing deals with IMA’s international affiliations. Currently IMA is affiliated with British Medical Association and Nepal Medical Association. 

3.     IMA is also a member of World Medical Association (WMA), Confederation of Medical Associations of Asia and Oceania (CMAAO) and Commonwealth Medical Association (CMA). All speciality organisations also have similar affiliations with world bodies.

4.     IMA two years back during Nepal Earth quack donated medicines to Nepal Medical Association

5.     IMA regularly organises scientific and policy conferences with other countries through these forums. In March this year IMA is organising “Consensus on how to tackle air pollution” with CMAAO and will be attended by experts from most countries. Later this year IMA will be organising “Consensus on end of life issues” with WMA. 

6.     Dr VCP Pillai and Dr Vinay Aggarwal have served as President CMAAO in the past.

7.     Dr Ketan Desai is now the President of World Medical Association. 

8.     Dr Arul Rhaj has been the President of Commonwealth Medical Association.

9.     Dr K K Aggarwal, will be the President CMAAO in 2019.

10.  In 2009 IMA hosted the WMA council meeting in Delhi.

11.  In 2013 IMA hosted the CMAAO General assembly on the theme Child Sexual Abuse in Delhi. IMA is now the coordinating country for this subject in CMAAO.

12.  IMA is currently engaged in finalising declaration of Geneva statement.

13.  IMA was a part in finalising declaration of Helsinki.

14.  IMA raises all issue concerned with member nations like blast in Afghanistan Hospital, Human rights violation issues in Turkey, migration of people in Ceria etc.

15.  WMA is a network of 112 countries, CMAAO of 18 countries and CMA of 45 countries.

16.  Office bearers of IMA, CMAAO, WMA, CMA attends the meetings regularly.

17.  Dr Ketan Desai heads the multi nation monthly executive committee of WMA to discuss various issues  

18.  IMA participates as a speaker in the issue based symposium in CMAAO assembly every year. This year the subject was health care in danger.

19.  IMA also participates as a speaker in CMAAO assembly and present country reports annually.

20.   WMA and CMAAO come out with positions statements with inputs from member countries on various health issues from time to time.

21.  IMA gets invited by country members for their annual functions and council meetings.

22. All decisions regarding International issues, affiliations and memberships are taken by IMA Central Council. Each member of IMA though IMA Central Working Committee or Central Council can raise any National or International issue.

Dr KK Aggarwal

Honorary Secretary General