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Job allocation of National Vice Presidents of IMA


Dr. Roy Abhram Kallivayalil, Sr. National Vice President, IMA (Kerala)

Dr. K.Prakasm, National Vice President, IMA (Tamil Nadu)

Dr. Mahendra Choudhury, National Vice President, IMA (Gujarat)

Dr. Parmanand Prasad Pal, National Vice President, IMA  (Bihar)

Dear Sir,

National President, IMA, Dr K K Aggarwal is pleased to allocate the following areas to the National Vice Presidents of IMA for the current year as mentioned against the names of each:-

 Name of the National Vice President

States allotted


Dr. Roy Abhram Kallivayalil,  IMA (Kerala)


Tamil Nadu, Karataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa

Dr. K.Prakasm,  IMA (Tamil Nadu)


Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Orissa, West Bengal

Dr. Mahendra Choudhury, IMA (Gujarat)


Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Pubjab, Bihar

Dr. Parmanand Prasad Pal, IMA  (Bihar)


Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, J & K, Madhya Pradesh, North East

Separate communication is being sent to the State Leadership of all States with a request to kindly keep you updated with the information about the various events being organized by them and request your representation in the absence of National President in such events.

We enclose herewith a complete list of all State Presidents and Hony. State Secretaries with a request to kindly get in touch with the State leaders of the areas allocated to you for better liaisoning with them.

 You are requested to kindly ensure that all Headquarters’ Policies/Schemes/ initiatives are duly implemented in all the State/Local Branches of IMA.

 This is for your information please.

 Thanking you and with kind regards,

​ Yours sincerely,


 Dr. R.N.Tandon

Honorary Secretary General

Encl: List of IMA State Presidents and Hony. State Secretaries

 Copy to:  

National President, IMA

All State Presidents & Hony. Secretaries