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Central Clinical Establishment Act 2010

Central Clinical Establishment Act 2010


Dear leaders,

The Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act 2010 was passed by Parliament in 2010.

But, as 'Health' is a State subject, Central Government can’t force State Governments to implement the Act. The State Assembly has right to implement the Act as it is or not to implement at all or amend it before implementation or prepare its own Act for its territory.

Keeping this provision in mind, IMA leaders and concerned well-wishers all over country are requested to go through the link  http://www.ima-india.org/ima/left-side-bar.php?scid=626 ,download Power Point presentation on Central CEA, get accustomed with the provisions in this Central CEA 2010 and IMA’s views about some provisions, present the PPT in IMA branches, at gatherings of doctors & law-makers and create awareness.

Please be alert, whenever your State Government tries to bring in the CEA. Put IMA’s views, convince the MLAs to consider and pass doctor friendly State specific CEA.

Please report your related activities to team-ima@googlegroups.com with copy to drkknpima2017@gmail.com, ravinpe1718@gmail.com, np@ima-india.org, imahsg2016.18@gmail.com, hsg@ima-india.org and hello@drdineshthakare.com.

Together we can resist and prevent inclusion of unacceptable provisions in State Specific CEAs.

Thank you.

Jai IMA.


Dr.Ravi Wankhedkar,


Dr.Dinesh Thakare.