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Address by WMA President Dr Ketan Desai at the 10th Geneva Conf on Person Centered Medicine

Dear Colleagues,

Dr Ketan Desai, President WMA, was the Chief Guest at 10th International Geneva Conference on Person Centered Medicine which opened here at the Geneva University today.  The Conference attended  by delegates from all over the world is being held from May 8-10, 2017.

Delivering his address, Dr Ketan Desai said,  "The concept of Person-Centered Medicine not only underlines core values in our work as health professionals but also, it bridges at the same time important political concepts vital  for the extension of  health care to one and all  as it is a fundamental right accruable to every Global citizen. ‘Person centered medicine’ has emerged as a response to the organs specific, technical and fragmented treatment and care that has evolved during the last century in healthcare systems worldwide. In its operational context, the person-centered medicines concept mandates that when doing curative medicine, we see more than only a patient, when doing public health we don't reduce humans to numbers and statistics. We always deal with persons. This does not undermine patient or people-centeredness but adds an important humanistic dimension, which is a vital must".  

Prof Jim Appleyard (President, ICPCM) presided and Dr Juan Mezzich (Sec Gen ICPCM) delivered the key note address. Dr Jon Snaedel (former WMA President), Eugenio Villar (WHO), Michel Botbol (Paris), Robert Cloninger (USA), Roy Abraham Kallivayalil (Sec Gen WPA) and others are presenting papers.

Photo caption-1. Dr Ketan Desai delivering Chief Guest's address. Seen also are Jon Snaedel, G. Ghebrehiwet and Juan Mezzich.

Photo caption-2. Roy Kallivayalil, Michel Botbol, Ketan Desai, Denis Hochstrasser (Vice Rector, Geneva University) and Jim Appleyard.

Best wishes,



Prof Roy Abraham Kallivayalil

Secretary General, World Psychiatric Association

National Vice-President, Indian Medical Association