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Address at Zambia Medical Association

Dr Ketan Desai

President World Medical Association

Address at Zambia Medical Association

WMA Council Meet

Friday, 21st April 2017


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Greetings from World Medical Association

I deem it my pleasure and duty alike to extend all of you a hearty welcome to this 206th WMA council Meeting.

It has been a very creative and consistent participation of all concerned that various initiatives of WMA have taken shape and have created the desired impact on vide and varied issues of public and professional relevance alike.

You are well aware that various issues have ben flagged which merit to be shaped appropriately for the logical and desired result. This just does not mean realistic perception but also requires analytical understanding of the issue including a detailed grasp of the concerns and challenges that confront and an out of box thinking to suggest modalities that would sort out and solve the same.

Some of the very important and pertinent issues that have ben flagged pertain to

1.   One health

2.   End of life issues

3.   Person centric medicine

These advents not only need an appropriate in depth analysis of the same but also maandate generation of reasoned outcomes which would be ensuring professional ethical conduct and also uncompromised societal benefit in the larger interest of the man and mankind.

The walk is tedious, difficult and challenging as well but then the rich heritage, conventions and traditions that WMA has to its credit guide the way and shape our march to the desired destination. This mandates a team effort and not a game of one up-manship.

Clarity of understanding, purity of purpose and determination to hold hands together have carried us through all these years. In this stupendous dispensation, the staff of the WMA led by Dr Otmar Kloiber has rendered their devoted services that are exemplary and inspiring.

It is their hard labor which has always facilitated us through. I record my appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness to Dr Kloiber and his team with an expectation that they would carry the onus and responsibility with the same zeal, commitment and gusto in times to come.

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome all of you to this fellowship with committed comradery and the commitment to not only be the torch bearers of WMA but also be the conscious keepers of the morality, ethicality and value based profession for which WMA stands.

I feel it my bounden duty to record my sincere sense of appreciation for the Zambia Medical Association in putting their very best in an all-round manner to organize this notable event which shall be permanent in our memory and hearts for all time to come.