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IIMA UNICEF Initiative on Child Sexual Abuse

IIMA UNICEF Initiative on Child Sexual Abuse


IMA UNICEF Initiative on Child Sexual Abuse


India is home to the largest child population in the world, with almost 42 per cent of the total population under eighteen years of age, and the health and security of the country’s children is integral to any vision for its progress and development. However, there has been a steady increase in sexual crimes against children, with over half of the children surveyed for a 2007 Report of the Ministry of Women and Child Development having faced some form of sexual abuse. 
Experience of sexual violence in childhood can have adverse consequences for the child’s physical, mental, and social development. However, doctors, nurses, and other health sector professionals are in an unparalleled position to prevent, detect and treat sexual violence against children. 

IMA does regular Training of Trainers for Doctors on Child Sexual Abuse. Doctors can apply for the training aif they meet the following criteria:
1.  Age: 30 years  to 65 years 
2.  Qualification: MBBS (essential); additional qualifications in Mental Health, OB/GYN, Paediatrics, or Forensics (desirable).
3.  Work Experience: Five Years (minimum)
4.  Willingness to travel
5.  Knowledge of local language 

In addition, they are required to answer a short questionnaire that will help us to identify suitable candidates for the training:
1.   Your designation in your current place of employment
2.   Any teaching experience you may have
3.   Any experience you may have as a trainer 
4.   Languages that you are proficient in 
5.   Please tell us why you are interested in applying for this training
6.   Please tell us briefly how you feel you would be able to contribute to the objectives of this training by further disseminating the knowledge you will be receiving therein.

Key Objectives of Training for Doctors 

1.    To understand sexual development and age-appropriate sexual behaviour in children

2.    To understand the definition and meaning of child sexual abuse

3.    To understand the risk factors, grooming, and patterns of abuse.

4.    To have a better understanding of the short-term and long-term consequences of child sexual abuse.

5.    To understand the behavioural and physical indicators of child sexual abuse

6.    To be able to interview the child regarding the possible sexual abuse and to learn to obtain an accurate medical history after a disclosure of sexual abuse

7.    To be able to conduct an accurate, complete and first contact medical examination

8.    To understand the myths and misconceptions about the physical exam and its limitations in "proving" that sexual abuse occurred

9.    To be able to document findings from the medical examination of a child 

10.    To understand and apply the different physical treatments available

11.    To identify the most suitable mental health therapies for each child and make timely referrals for counseling 

12.    To formulate and implement a suitable follow-up regimen for each child 


Key Messages for Doctors and Medical Professionals 

1.    CSA is a widespread phenomenon and a major public health concern. CSA takes place in all settings: at home, school, in the community etc. Perpetrators are usually people that the child knows, and he usually builds trust with the child to prevent disclosure. At times, threats are used to ensure silence is maintained.
2.    CSA has lifelong consequences on the physical and mental health of the child.  However, if timely medical care and mental support are provided a child can heal and lead a healthy life.

3.    Medical professionals play a dual role:
a.    Prevention: Informing parents about good and bad touch and to talk to children; teaching children how to protect themselves.
b.    Response: Detecting and confirming abuse through medical history and examination and providing treatment and counseling 

4.    Reporting of abuse is mandatory for medical professionals under POCSO Act. It is not compulsory to inform the child and family of the reporting but it is good practice.

5.    Emergency medical care is to be provided to an abused child under POCSO.

6.    Medical examination requires:
a.    Medical history
b.    Medical check up to detect signs of abuse
c.    Mental health support to conduct the interview in a sensitive manner that does not traumatize the child
d.    The child’s (if under 12) or the parent/guardian’s consent. 

7.    Forensic examination needs to be conducted within 96 hours and requires evidence collection such as blood, semen, sperm, hair etc. linking to perpetrator.

8.    Diagnosis of CSA is not always possible through physical signs. Sometimes signs will not be visible. The medical history and interview are key.

9.    Often the child will not disclose abuse easily. Disclosure is associated with fear and shame.

10.    Mental health professionals play a key role in supporting the early phase of detection, as well as the catharsis and normalization of behaviors.


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