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IMA Medical Students Wing


Medical students leaders from Jharkhand, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu states participated in the annual general meeting held at IMA head quarters and was chaired by Padma Shri Awardee Prof Dr K K Aggarwal, Honorary Secretary General IMA. The AGM was hosted by IMA medical students wing.

Medical student of today wants a change in medical curriculum and want more skill based training which includes training of soft skills and bio-ethics.  They want a system of virtual training so that they are able to access to the best of teachers on the net. 

The students want that after they pass out from the colleges, they should be given compulsory  one or two days update course life long, updating their knowledge on what is new in that year.  This course should be standard and to be held in every medical college and they should  have the liberty to go and attend the same in any medical college.

Students felt that medical training is an occupational health hazard and they should be vaccinated against preventable diseases and protected from hospital acquire infection.  They should have  free excess to gloves, masks & sanitizers for handling patients. 


 Following was resolved : 

Rural posting for medical students

1.       Rural posting should be voluntary and should not be an eligibility criterion for PG entrance.

2.       Doctors volunteering for rural posting should receive more salary and be exempted from income tax.

3.       The service in rural posting should be counted as one year diploma in rural medicine and rural surgery.

4.       During posting doctors should be provided with basic amenities, lodging and security.

5.       Doctors voluntarily serving in rural PHC must receive 10 percent extra marks in PG enterance.


Medical students wing to conduct a research across all 30 states to assess if there is a shortage in no. of doctors; proportion of sick population;  need for emergency services; shortage of medical faculty in different departments.


CURRICULUM CHANGES in Under Graduate Teaching

1.       Mental health education should be given more time and emphasis

2.       Philosophies of all systems of medicine highlighting their strengths and weaknesses with no cross pathy.

3.       Soft skills- time management, leadership skills, international exposure, managerial skills.

4.       Virtual training- free online lectures of every subject delivered by eminent doctors.

5.       Once a year each medical college must organize classes on new research on each subject of respective professional years.

6.       Orientation to clinical scenario including rural health care should be started from first professional year.

7.       Minimalistic approach for treatment, reducing the dependence on laboratory investigations.

8.       Teaching legal/ethical aspects in every branch of medicine.

9.       Emphasizing the importance of safety and quality medicine.

10.   Making medical students aware of the importance of knowing all medical, surgical and radiological procedures being conducted in their respective hospitals so that when a person completes their MBBS course, he/she has enough confidence to set up independent clinical practice.

11.   Uniform national timetable for university exam – First professional exam to end by 31st August and consecutive professional exams to end before 31st December.  


PG Entrance examination

1.       One exam on one day at same time all over India.

2.       NEET should be conducted and result should be declared within a fortnight.

3.       May PG entrance exam be conducted immediately after fourth professional exam/beginning of internship so that the doctor can focus on clinical practice during internship.

4.       In case of failure to acquire PG seats, we propose to encourage doctors to take up diploma in their field of interest and utilize the dropped year.

5.       Setting up an Indian standard using international standards as a reference to determine pay structure for interns, working hours for residents and interns, and hazards of working overtime based on circumstances  prevalent in our nation. [note for National board- look up SC judgment]. This will render the doctor not responsible in case of any negligence when he/she is working overtime, hence, a good defence in lawsuits.



Every registered doctor should be allowed to practice all over the country without any individual state restrictions.



While establishing new medical colleges and hospitals the authorities must consider remote areas to set up the institutions. This will ensure uniform distribution of medical facilities in  



 1. free vaccination to every medical students

 2. Medical profession should be included as an occupational hazard and every medical students should get same benefits as given in other occupations including insurance policies for every medical student. Average life expectancy of doctors is 10 years less than the non doctors.

4. Gloves/sanitisers should be provided for free for each patient and in dissection halls


ICMR and DSP should give grant to 2/3 students of each medical college at National/International levels if their research is accepted in any reputed journal.

We want the government to take a stand on our status as a Service provider or as an Industrialist. since as a service provider, industrial laws wouldn't apply on us.


Initiatives /drives to be taken by medical students:

a. Anti smoking campaigns across India

b. to avoid alcohol intake in the company of non-medicos

c. To avoid indulging in malpractices such as cuts, commissions, corruption


Meeting was attended by Astha Singh of GMC-Nagpur, Srijan Khandelwal of GMC, Nagpur, Sarbari Nath R of  GMC- Trivandrum, S. Kaur  Dayanand Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana, Sumit Goyalof GMC, Patiala, S. Sohal of GMC- Patiala, Sonu Kumar BSMC, Bankura, Manoop K of JJMMC, Karnataka, Dr. Ranjit B. Naik of JJMMC, Karnataka, Dr. Manish Prabhakar of MGIMS Sevagram, Maharashtra, Dr. S.K. Reddy of PGIMER, Chandigarh, Subhajit Dutt of BIMC, Bankura, Sarvan Kumar of GSVM Medical College, Kanpur, Yogesh Sharma of L N Medical College, Bhopal, M. Tejeswara Rao of Andhra Medical College, Dr. Kunal Deep of Osmania Medical College, Dr. Dipankar Choudhary of VCMS, Delhi, Wasim Ahmed of UCMS, Delhi,  Ashvita of LHMC, Delhi, G. Anand of UCMS & GTB Hospital, R. Kumar of DYPM, Narendra Patel of GSVMMC, Kanpur, Aman Singh of GSVMMC, Kanpur, Ankur Pandey of GSVMMC, Kanpur & Ayush Gupta GMC, Haldwani