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National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board

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National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board- Broad terms of reference

  1. To promote and position India as a competent and credible medical and wellness tourism destination for required visits from around the globe, throughout the year.
  2. The National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board will provide leadership of the Government within a framework of prudent and effective measures, thereby enabling the Ministry of Tourism to tap the potential and advantages that India has in the field of medical and wellness tourism.
  3. To draw up the short term and long term road maps and strategies for marketing and promotion of the medical and wellness tourism, both within India and abroad.
  4. To consider review and monitoring of practices in the field of  Medical & Wellness services, for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements as appropriate.
  5. To facilitate major medical and wellness events in India by building relationship with sponsors and the other stakeholders both in India and abroad.
  6. To arrange to collect, both from primary and secondary sources, relevant information and to disseminate such information to the service providers in the field of medical and wellness service providers.
  7. Improve access to India’s signature & other medical and wellness centres and working closely to make such services more accessible to the tourists and public in general.
  8. to facilitate organising of all stakeholders engaged in medical and wellness tourism activities to form Association(s) to function as  registered non profitable society and work for the achievement of the objectives of the Board.
  9. To strengthen, deepen and broaden cooperation among all service providers in medical system including Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy and the Wellness tourism industry, ensuring and promoting responsible practices in the industry.
  10. To encourage the growth of professionalism with particular regard to the solicitation and servicing of medical and wellness tourism and evolve an industry code of ethics.
  11. To strive to provide review and monitoring of training and continuous professional development of various services in the field of Medical & Wellness tourism.
  12. To provide necessary guidance and feedback to the Central Government and advise the State Governments in the development of infrastructure and facilities for medical and wellness tourism.
  13. To disseminate knowledge among the public and to medical and wellness tourism industry personnel through educational programmes in association with stakeholders.
  14. To inform and educate Medical & Wellness practitioners and stakeholders and all concerned in India about the importance of responsible Tourism practices.
  15. To undertake research for development of India’s medical and wellness tourism industry.
  16. To recommend to MOT on the creation of additional incentive mechanism such as Market Development Assistance (MDA) to enhance the returns from  the medical and wellness tourism .